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Big Daddy
Hails from Beaver Lick, NY
"Cause that's how we roll"
Finisher... Power Bomb
Big Daddy has been wrestling for over 15 years. He has wrestled greats like Gary "Nightrain" Jackson, Honky Tonk Man and Cowboy Bob Orton jr.,Greg "the hammer" Valentine, Crazy Luke Graham jr., the late great Moondog Spot and Moondog Hank, Brickhouse Brown, Nikita Koloff,Dusty Rhodes and many many others.
Big Daddy has wrestled for RCW, MMWA-Sicw, AAW, MCW, GCW out of Arkansas and many many others.

Big Daddy is one of the biggest baddest brawlers out there. He would rather tear your head off then get on the mat and wrestle.
Big Daddy big by nature, bad by choice!