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Hardcore Craig

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Dubbed the "Prince Of The Death Matches" by Ian Rotten, Hardcore Craig has proven that he can go toe to toe with the biggest, toughest monsters and still stand tall.  He can take a beating and dish one out as well and has a tremendous pain threshold. (Mid American Wrestling)
    In 1989, Craig started his wrestling training under A.W.A. wrestler Jonnie Stewart. Around 6 months after training with Stewart, Craig moved his training to Mil. Wis. under W.W.F./W.C.W/A.W.A. wrestler "Rocky" Tom Stone. During training, Craig wrestled on house and TV shows for Stone's promotion, International Association of Wrestling. From there, meeting with other wrestlers and promoters, other shows for outside promotions were booked.
    From day one, Craig has wrestled for Mid-American Wrestling, starting with their very 1st show in 1993. He teamed with "The Beach Bum" (later to be known as Barfly Mike) to form the tag team of "The Waveriders" and proceeded to win tag team titles all over the Midwest. During this time Craig wrestled on WWF's tv shows "Wrestling Challenge", "Superstars of Wrestling" and "Monday Night Raw" with stars such as Rick Martel, The Bushwackers, Bam Bam Bigalow, "Doink" the clown, The Heavenly Bodies, Kamala The Ugandan Giant, Lex Luger, The Steiner Brothers, Gangrel from "The Brood" and The Undertaker.
    As the times and wrestling scene started to change, Craig already had, and his name was changed to Hardcore Craig in 1995. Going from winning tag team and Cruiserweight titles all over the Midwest, now Craig started winning heavyweight titles and wrestling a lot more dangerous, risky matches. At this point wrestling went from wetsuit wearing, long bleach blonde hair, high-flying matches to brutal, bloody, no holds barred wrestling. Tables, ladders, chairs, fluorescent light tubes, fire, barbed wire and thumbtacks were plentiful. This wrestling style was already set in stone during The Waverider days, when Craig and Mike were the first to wrestle in a "Barbed Wire Match" in West Allis, Wisconsin. The show was protested and they even shared the front page on two of Milwaukee's largest newspapers, The Sentinal" and "The Journal" with the death of Jackie Kennedy Onasis on the top of the page, and "Barbed Wire Death Match" to be held in church assembly hall on the bottom of the page. All in all, you know the saying, any publicity is good publicity.
    After splitting with Mike, Craig wrestled singles matches mostly in the Midwest with misc. matches around the U.S., a tour through Canada, and three tours to Europe which included wrestling his wrestling idol, "The Dynamite Kid" from the former WWF tag team, "The British Bulldogs". Then came the haircut, ring attire and partner change. Craig teamed up with former opponent, Corp. Robinson, to form "The Extreme Dream Team". Wrestling as a tag team in Mid-American Wrestling, the tag titles were won quickly, only to be stripped just as quick, due to a knee injury followed by a shoulder injury and broken sternum.
    After a brief rest/healing, Craig went right back to wrestling singles matches for awhile with a few Indiana promotions. Then once everything was back to normal, "The Extreme Dream Team" was reformed and Craig and Corp. are back at it. Also with all the promotions in the Midwest, Craig has formed another tag team with friend "Metalhead" Steve Stone. The new tag team, "American History Next", is also wrestling all over the Midwest and soon going to the east coast to branch out and find more competition.
    Currently, "American History Next" and "The Extreme Dream Team" are wrestling for different promotions and chasing tag team titles wherever they are at. Craig is also still wrestling in singles matches in different promotions around the midwest, but is mostly involved with his two tag teams.