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Help Kaleb
My Name is Kristy Schwade and my life at this point is not anywhere near normal. My Son, the light of my life is fighting for his very own life in ICU and has been since May 9, 2007. He is suffering from Shaken Baby Syndrome by the hands of someone who is not in anyway related to him or us. I have 100% faith in God that my little boy will be the one that SURPRISES all of the doctors. He is strong and we have to be strong for him.
This is a real life tragedy about a family whose baby, at only 5 months old, was shaken and is in the hospital fighting for his life. Kaleb, the only son of Kristy and Josh has been in the ICU since May 9th. Please view the following link that questions the legitimacy of stories circulating on the internet.
Kaleb experienced Shaken Baby Syndrome by the hand of a babysitter.
This page is set up to help Kaleb and his family. Kristy and Josh spend mostly all of their free time at the hospital aching for a moment to hold their now sixth month old son. Expenses are mounting. This page is set up so that YOU can play an active role in helping Kaleb and his family.
The most important way to help is to PRAY for Kaleb's recovery! Secondly, you can donate funds to cover medical expenses, lawyer fees, and other expenses by donating to the Help Kaleb Fund. 100% of funds will be used to help Kaleb's family. Please make checks payable to
Kristy Schwade
PO Box 291494
TAMPA, FL 33687-1494
If you would like to show your support with a t-shirt, bracelet, keychain, or a blue ribbon car magnet, please check out the following pages...
Bracelets -
$3 from every bracelet sold will go directly to the Help Kaleb Acct.
Keychains -
$3 from each keychain goes directly to the Help Kaleb Acct.
Blue Ribbon Car Magnets -
$3 from each magnet goes directly to the Help Kaleb Acct.
Official Online T-Shirt Store-
OR visit
Official Online T-Shirt Store-
$3 from every item sold in the Official Online Store goes directly to the Schwade family.
Let us as a Wrestling Family Help this Little Baby out and show Support and Love for this family.
OSWA will be donating $2.00 for every ticket sold to the August 18th Show to help this family out in there time of need.
I challange any promoter to step up and do the same.