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Carley Rae

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Name: Carley Rae

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 130 lbs

From: Westville, Illinois

Trained By: Shad & Chad Tally

Been a Referee since February of 2007


My name is Carley Rae, I have been a ref since February of 2007. I have always loved to watch wrestling and attend events, so along the line I knew I'd pick it up somewhere. Figured I'd start out small, so I started being a ref, I picked it up within a short amount of time and I love it. There are not many female refs that I know of other than myself, but for me that doesn't change anything. I still go out, do my job and enjoy myself at the same time like anyone else. I love the energy, I love the fans, and I love my job. I'm Carley Rae, The One and Only...I call every match the same, so guys....Don't get any ideas.