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Joey Grunge

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Joey Grunge
6'1"   300lb
South Philly PA
9 years pro
Quote "We're not here foe a long time, but we're here for a good time" 
Finisher Drive by, Grungebuster
In my 9 years in the business, I've worked coast to coast. I've worked with my half brother Johnny Grunge as the New Public Enemy. 
I've held the NWA Midwest Tag Team titles, former AWA/UCW Hardcore Champion. I have held many regional titles. Served as a Lumberjack on 4/16/05 for the Ring of Honor durning the best of five with TNA's Homcideand American Dragon. Worked with many superstars. Sabu, Viscera, Greg Valentine, Crazy Luke Graham jr. Doink the Clown and many more. I was part of the Akbar's Army in late 2006, under the guidence of the General Skandar Akbar.
I have alot on my shoulders now, I have a legacy that I have to keep going. In loving memory of my half brother the late Johnny Grunge.