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Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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260 lb
Debut May 13, 1975
The many feuds of "The Snake"
Ricky Steamboat
Hulk Hogan
Honky Tonk Man
Rick Rude
André the Giant
Ted DiBiase
Rick Martel
The Ultimate Warrior
Randy Savage
The Undertaker
Finishing Move: DDT
Jake "The Snake" Roberts, is a second-generation American Pro Wrestler, the son of former wrestler Grizzly Smith. Roberts is best known for his stint in the WWE from, 1986-1992. Roberts was known for his promos and his dark charisma, his extensive use of phyoscology in his matches and for inventing the DDT finishing maneuver.
Roberts started his career in 1974 in the Louisiana area, as a referee and wrestler,  making his name with Mid-South Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance. It was in the NWA during 1986 than Roberts became part of Paul Ellering's heel, stable, Legion Of Doom and began a fued with Ron Garvin over the NWA Wold Television Champoinship that lasted into 1984. Roberts returned to Mid-South Wrestling for 1985, ending his run there in February 1986 after a feud with Dick Slater.

Jake Roberts is credited with training Diamond Dallas Page and Raven, as well as teaching much about wrestling psychology to Steve Austin and The Undertaker.


Championships and accomplishments

Americas Wrestling Federation
AWF Puerto Rican Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
Mid-South Wrestling
Mid-South Louisiana Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
Mid-South North American Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
Mid-South Television Championship (1 time)
National Wrestling Alliance
NWA National Television Championship (1 time)
NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Jay Youngblood
NWA World Television Championship (1 time)
Pro Wrestling Illustrated
PWI ranked him # 100 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the PWI Years in 2003.
PWI Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year award in 1996
Smoky Mountain Wrestling
SMW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
Stampede Wrestling
Stampede North American Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

World Class Championship Wrestling
WCCW Six Man Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez
WCCW Television Championship (1 time)